This page provides a list of publications based on RSPt. Of course it is not simple to monitor publications from a large number of authors, but we will try to keep this list as updated as possible. Feel free to email us if we're missed out yours.


S. Keshavarz et al., "Exchange interactions of CaMnO3 in the bulk and at the surface", Physical Review B


Kurt Lejaeghere et al., "Reproducibility in density functional theory calculations of solids", Science

I. L. M. Locht et al., "Standard model of the rare earths analyzed from the Hubbard I approximation", Physical Review B

Jonathan Chico et al., "First-principles studies of the Gilbert damping and exchange interactions for half-metallic Heuslers alloys", Physical Review B

L. Peters et al., "Correlation effects and orbital magnetism of Co clusters", Physical Review B

S. K. Panda et al., "High photon energy spectroscopy of NiO: Experiment and theory", Physical Review B

A. Östlin et al., "Electronic structure of palladium in the presence of many-body effects", Physical Review B

A. Östlin et al, "Stacking fault energetics of α − and γ-cerium investigated with ab initio calculations", Physical Review B

Johan Schött et al, "Analytic continuation by averaging Padé approximants", Physical Review B


Y. O. Kvashnin et al., "Electronic topological transition and noncollinear magnetism in compressed hcp Co", Physical Review B

S. Keshavarz et al., "Layer-resolved magnetic exchange interactions of surfaces of late 3d elements: Effects of electronic correlations", Physical Review B

Y. O. Kvashnin et al., "Exchange parameters of strongly correlated materials: Extraction from spin-polarized density functional theory plus dynamical mean-field theory", Physical Review B


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